Powell St. John

Legendary American Singer, Songwriter and Artist


Artist Statement

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the visual arts. In grade school I was drawn to the comic books of the Golden Era. My friends and I would try diligently to draw the way the masters did, such as Al Williamson, Jack Davis & Wallace Wood. I have kept up this interest all the days of my life and eventually studied art and art history at the University of Texas.

The works I produce tend to be small, intimate pictures with the techniques and materials with which I am most familiar. Women are a repeated subject which is indicative of my fascination. Satire, mystery, and the fantastic have always been the cornerstones of my art.

I often state that I only draw what I see. Psychedelic drugs have had a major impact on my work. That is only part of the story. Included in this collection are some works that, frankly speaking, come from somewhere else. These often intimate visions are usually wrapped in satire, mystery, & psychedelic themes which I suspect are transmitted to me from some other time/place and my only function is to serve as a conduit for them. Could this be true? Could I simply be the drawing instrument in the service of some Other?
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